General Manager

Eliana Goldberg

Eliana is the General Manager of KUPS. She is double majoring in Politics & Government and Religion. You can usually find her taking naps in awkward spaces or on the hunt for a good snack. A lover of fudgesicles, bolo ties and wild flowers (in that order). Ask her about her fraternity presidency. 

Programming Director

Ethan Nicol

Ethan Nicol is the Programming Director at KUPS. He likes bugs, popcorn jelly beans, bolo ties and tricks. He has never liked ABBA and would like to keep it that way. Drive like your kids live here.

Business Manager

Gabi Marler

Gabi is a senior Theatre and Communications Major at UPS. She likes coffee, Stanley Tucci, and receiving job offers from people who read her bio. 

Marketing and Promotions Director

Max Kusel

Max (he/him) is the Marketing and Promotions director at KUPS. Born in New York City, Max now lives in Manchester, Vermont when he is not at UPS. Max is a communication major with a minor in Chinese. When not in class or the KUPS studio, you can usually find Max either watching the Weather Channel or sampling some of the tasty food across Tacoma. Contact Max if you have any marketing ideas or just want to chat.

Specialty Director

Eliana Goldberg (she/her)

Specialty Director

Anna Dupont (she/they)

Junior from St Paul MN studying bio and Spanish. Lover of sci fi novels, vegetables, paddling, and underground hip hop. 

Alternative Director

Hayden Smith

Hello! I’m Hayden (he/they), one of the co-alt music directors. I’m a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience. I love to explore the rich history of independently produced music in the PNW and am on a quest to hug Doug Martsch.

Alternative Director

Chayne Connor

Hi there, my name is Chayne (he/him), a co-alternative music director at KUPS! I’m from sunny Manhattan Beach, California. I am a senior majoring in economics and minoring in business. My favorite things consist of plants, rock formations, and forest green.

Loud Rock Director

Willard Franklin

Howdy. I’m Willard (he/they), a Senior majoring in Theatre Arts & minoring in Philosophy. I’ve done shows spanning from DIY Emo self-help to an experimental Degrassi talk show to now nightcore & powerviolence. I like abrasive [stuff.] I am an abrasive [stuff.] My online dating profile consists of egregious lies & pictures of me next to roadkill.

Hip-Hop Director

Milo Hensley

Milo (he, she or they pronouns)

​Hip Hop Music Director at KUPS. Used to be in an instagram group chat with Lil B where he’d send us memes about himself. My pizza topping combo is mushrooms, onions and pineapple.

Electronic Music Director

Tio Lloyd

Tio (he/him) is the electronic music director at KUPS. Tio spends his days skiing, building geodesic domes, and playing music with his friends. If you see him give him a high five and tell him your favorite album you’ve listened to recently! 

Production Director

Sam Golphenee

Hi! I’m Sam (she/her), and I am the production director at KUPS! I’m a senior at UPS, majoring in biology. I also do costuming and wardrobe for our theater! I enjoy listening to good music as well as music that is bad. My other hobbies include making art and buying mugs from thrift stores.


Ella DeMerritt

Ella (she/they) is the webmaster at KUPS, and while she’s not playing around with the website, she can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, having dance parties in her bedroom, baking various baked goods, and just hanging out.

Media Intern

Eva Schweber

Hi everyone! My name’s Eva and I am a media intern at KUPS <3. I am originally from Los Angeles, I use she/her pronouns and I am a sophomore majoring in art history. I am a big fan of the “good for her” film trope, elderflower beverages, and drawing silly little things. 

Media Intern

Sabine Harris-Boundy


Hey, I’m Sabine (suh-bean), and I’m a junior majoring in English and GQS and minoring in Education. Big into gardening, cooking, and being outside (especially in the rain). Discovering new music and hanging with pals are my big time passions.​

Marketing Intern

Sam Gerrish

Sam (she/her) is one of the marketing interns at KUPS. She is undeclared at the moment but thinking about being a natural science bio major. Most easily identified by her common lack of footwear. 

Business Intern

Bella Sanchez

Bella (she/they) is the business intern at KUPS. She hates katy perry. They love walking around finding cool houses, drinking coffee at divs, meeting new people (introduce yourself to her!), and listening to new artists. Aspiring lizard owner. Favorite colors: sage and forrest green, burgundy, brown, black. Fun fact: Never had a pickle. 

Music Director Intern

Matthew Babor

Matthew (he/him) is a history major who knows entirely too much about American jazz diplomacy in the Cold War. When he’s not groovin’ to some Ella and Louis in the booth, you might catch him building legos, WWOOFing, or paying way too much money to develop his film photos. Wants to be just like Patrick Carney when he grows up.

Music Director Intern

Jake Larson

Yo! I’m Jake (he/him) and I am extremely excited to be working for KUPS this semester! I go by DJ KARBZ, THE CRUST, or BIG LOAF when I’m slinging tunes. When not in the booth, I’m probably either cooking up something tasty in the kitchen, or scouring the earth for new funky and tinted sunglasses to add to my collection.

Production Intern

Libby Regan

Hey! My name is Libby and I use they/them pronouns. I’m from San Francisco and am a freshman. I love art and art history. I love oil painting, mix tape making, and stained glass soldering. My favorite play is MacBeth and my favorite Wiggle is Jeff.