General Manager

Beck Barr

Hey! I’m Beck (he/they) and I’m the General Manager for KUPS. I am a senior majoring in Political Theory and minoring in Education. When I’m not being GM, you can find me making pizza or hanging out with my bunny, George. My office hours are Mon/Fri 12-2. Stop by and say hi, or email me if you have any questions. So excited to be back in the booth 🙂

Programming Director

Ethan Nicol

Ethan Nicol is the Programming Director at KUPS. He likes bugs, popcorn jelly beans, bolo ties and tricks. He has never liked ABBA and would like to keep it that way. Drive like your kids live here.

Business Director

Gabi Marler

Gabi is a theatre and communications double major that has somehow become business manager. When not in the KUPS booth, you might find her bombing at standup or hosting elaborate murder mystery dinner parties. 


Tim Hogan


Dream to paint, listen to MIKE, tap in, I love my Swum life.

“This one’s for my friends that I might lose to time, I’ll catch you on the flip side.”

Marketing Director

Luca Lotruglio



– 9/21/01 Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets

– Post-show lots

– Instagram

– Books

– Grapefruit

– Super Bowl XLII

– Newsletters

– Hearsing​

– Salomone’s Pizza


– Instagram

– Heartburn

– Reading

– Dictators

– Techno

– Someone that doesn’t pull up far enough at a red light, preventing you from making a right

Specialty Director

Elena Ribble

Howdy! My name is Elena (she/her) and I am a junior from San Antonio, Texas. I’m a big fan of biking, live shows, being introduced to new music, and tomatoes from the UPS garden. ​

Alternative Director

Hayden Smith

Hello! I’m Hayden (he/they), one of the co-alt music directors. I’m a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience. I love to explore the rich history of independently produced music in the PNW and am on a quest to hug Doug Martsch.

Alternative Director

Chayne Connor

Hi there, I’m Chayne (he/him), a co-alternative music director at KUPS! I am from sunny Manhattan Beach, California. I am a senior majoring in economics and minoring in business. If I’m not cheffing in the studio, you’ll probably find me scavenging your local thrift store for #drip, shredding the slopes at Crystal Mountain, or being overly competitive in intramural volleyball.

Loud Rock Director

Willard Franklin

Howdy. I’m Willard (he/they), a Senior majoring in Theatre Arts & minoring in Philosophy. I’ve done shows spanning from DIY Emo self-help to an experimental Degrassi talk show to now nightcore & powerviolence. I like abrasive [stuff.] I am an abrasive [stuff.] My online dating profile consists of egregious lies & pictures of me next to roadkill.

Hip-Hop Director

Milo Hensley

Milo (he, she or they pronouns)

​Hip Hop Music Director at KUPS. Used to be in an instagram group chat with Lil B where he’d send us memes about himself. My pizza topping combo is mushrooms, onions and pineapple.

Production Director

Sam Golphenee

Milo (he, she or they pronouns)

Hi! I’m Sam, and I am the production director at KUPS! I’m a senior at UPS, majoring in biology. I also do costuming and wardrobe for our theater! I enjoy listening to good music as well as music that is bad. My other hobbies include making art and buying mugs from thrift stores.

Media Intern

Ella DeMerrit

Milo (he, she or they pronouns)

Ella is one of the media interns at KUPS, and while she’s not helping out core staff she can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, having dance parties in her bedroom, baking various baked goods, and just hanging out.

Media Intern

Eva Schweber

Name: Eva

Pronouns: she/her

Tidbit: Likes glam rock and discourse.